“Dance of the Labyrinth Moonlight Sequence”

“Dance of the Labyrinth Earth Path”

“Dance of the Labyrinth Merging Elements Path”

“Dance of the Labyrinth Final Sequence”

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Sandra’s New Book is Here!


The Labyrinth Path to Light and Peace
Art and Poetry by Sandra Wasko Flood

Sandra’s new book will lead you on a contemplative journey. Come savor the delight of these words and sacred archetypal images. Hers is the kind of art that invites you to walk into that picture, walk into that labyrinth. This is the promise of higher intelligence uniting with the spirit of a compassionate heart.

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For more information, see LabyrinthPath.com

Sandra Wasko-Flood is an artist, poet, teacher and founder of the national non-profit organization:  Living Labyrinths for Peace.

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